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Frequently asked questions

On my Iphone the tracking stops when the screen goes off, what can I do?
Go to Settings -> Privacy -> Location Services and switch the setting for LocaToWeb to "Always".
The default setting on iphone ensures that the app is allowed to use location services only when you are "using it".This mean that when the screen goes off the app has no longer access to the GPS.
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On my Android phone the tracking stops when the screen goes off, what can I do?
Power management settings meant to extend your battery life can interfere with your app functionality.  If you’ve been experiencing issues with the track stopping or have had your app crash while tracking, check the "Power saving" settings and "Battery Optimization" settings on your phone. The solution to most of these problems is to turn "Power Saving" to OFF. 
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Will I be charged for Google Maps API usage which is not free anymore?
No, you will not be charged. Maps with lots of views will automatically switch to a free mapping service using Open Street Map and OpenLayers API when reaching a certain limit. There is a load counter on the left side of the map that shows (with a bit of delay) how many Google loads are left before switching. It is possible to click this counter and  purchase a re-fill if you want to continue using Google Maps (which is better) instead of the free service.

How frequently does the app send real-time updates to the web site map (Time between web updates)?
This is not constant but depends on the speed and route. On average it post updates to the web site somewhere between every 30 – 50 seconds. However, you can adjust this by sliding the “Time between web updates” in track settings for the app. When set to short it updates about every 10 second, set to Long it will be about 1.5 minute. The default setting is in the middle and is good for most situations.
Note: This setting does not affect the data point accurracy on the map.

How does the auto stop work, when do the app automatically stop tracking?
Auto stop is implemented because it’s very common to forget to stop the track when done. So, if you do not move for about 1 hour the tracking stops. Before it stops, the app issues several popup warnings with vibration where you have the option to extend the auto stopping in case you are just having a break etc.

Does the app work if I turn the 3G off on my phone?
Yes, it will work but then you track offline and the real time update to the web site map will not happen. Only when you get online again it will upload your tracking data.

When do I use the Race option?'
The Race option is used when several participants riding more or less the same route wants to be tracked on the same map. This is a great way of tracking participants in bike races, running events etc. since all the participants are shown on the same map with different colors. Any user, registered or not can creat or joing a race.

What is the maximum number of participants in a race?
The limit is 6 participants in a race on the same map. This means that you can setup a race and have 5 other participants join using the provided code.

How do I get a custom url to display my tracks?
Registered users can for a tiny fee get a custom profile page that lists all your tracks. Here you can write your own description and upload a profile photo.  See example:
Go to the Profile section under your account to set it up. 

Can I use LocaToWeb professionally or in my business?
Yes, but only if you purchase a Professional account or Business Account. 

How do I embed the track on my web site?
Log into your account on LocaToWeb and click edit on the track you want to embed. At the bottom you find the button that gives you the HTML code to copy and paste.

How do I setup a GPS track?
In the app's home screen enter a "Title" for the track and your "Alias" (could be your name, nick name etc). Click 'New' and the tracker screen loads. When you are ready press "Start". The track then runs until you press "Stop".

Why does my phone not get a GPS signal?
Make sure to allow the use of Location Services and that the GPS is enabled on your phone.
- On iPhone go to Settings -> Privacy and verify that Location Services is on.
- On Android go to Settings -> Location & Security and verify that Use GPS satellites is checked.
- On Windows Phone go to Settings -> Positioning and verify that Positioning services is on.
And remember, a GPS works best outdoors with a clear and wide view to the sky.

Will LocaToWeb run in the background while I use other apps?
Yes it will. However, make sure you have not  turned off "Background services" in your phone's settings.
On iPhone: Settings > General > Background app refresh.

Can I use this app on an iPad or tablet?
Yes, you can. However, not every tablet or iPad has a built in GPS. Without GPS it won't work.

Can everyone see my GPS tracks and uploaded photos?
Yes, your tracks will be listed and be searchable on and within the app. Anyone visiting can click the link and view the track and photos on the map. However,it is possible to set the track to private that prevents your track from being listed on This will give you a "secret" track URL (not protected, but hidden from lists and search).

If I turn on "private tracking" can I still share it with friends on social media, messaging and email?
Yes, anyone that knows the link can access your track.

Why do I have to give each track a Title?
The title identifies your track so that you and others can understand from the title what kind of track it is. It can be for instance, "Walk around the lake", "France roadtrip" etc...

Why do I have to specify an Alias?
This gives you a choice to indentify yourselves how you like. Use either your name, nickname etc. , it can be different for each track. This enables app users to stay as anonymous as they like.

How many tracks can I do per day?'
There are no fixed limit, but this service is expensive to maintain and we reserve the rights to block excessive usage and abuse if necessary. LocaToWeb can be used for business purposes, but then a Business Account is required! 

How many tracks can I store?
We store the 10 most recent tracks (or up to 5000km) for active users. Older tracks will after a while be removed as you add new tracks. If you want to keep your tracks archived please purchase a storage plan or a "Profile page" that includes a larger storage plan. These options area available under your Account on this website. 

Is is possible to pre-load the route onto the map?
Yes, you can upload a GPX or KML file that will pre-loaded into the map for the particular track. Inside your account on click the edit-button next to the track title, then upload your file.

Can I use this app as a family tracker?
LocaToWeb is not meant to be a family tracker that runs in the background all the time in order to track your husband, wife and kids. Its purpose is to track users from A to B on a defined route while driving, running, biking, hiking, boating etc. You start the track when you leave and stop it when you are finished.

What happens if I run GPS tracking in an area with bad reception?
If the server cannot be reached during tracking the position data will be stored locally and submitted the next time the phone is back on-line. Note that tracks can be setup and started completly offline.

Is it possible to delete tracks used for testing?
Yes, register inside the app with your email address and a password. Then you can log in to this web site and edit/delete your tracks.

Can I export tracks to GPX?
Yes, you can export and download your tracks in GPX format from inside your account. Logged in users can also export other users tracks from the map page.

How can I tell my friends and family that I am tracking?
Yes, you can alert friends via sms, email, messenger or publish the track to social media from the app while tracking. You can also setup e-mail alerts that are sent automatically to selected addresses.

Why do I not see Facebook or Twitter as options when I want to share the track from my iPhone?
IOS requires that these services are authenticated. Go to Settings, scroll to the bottom and select Facebook or Twitter.  Enter your user name and password for these apps. That's it.

How long will the battery last on my phone while tracking?
There are no firm stats on this, since it varies a lot with the device used, what other apps are running etc… However, we have seen it track for 11 hours during a triathlon contest. It all depends.

What is the best way to minimise battery usage when running a track?
Close other app's running in the background, turn of Wi-Fi and turn of Bluetooth.

My phone has been stolen, can LocaToWeb find it?
No, LocaToWeb is not such a service. A GPS track needs to be started by the user of the phone.

I don't have an Android, iPhone or Windows Phone, how can I use this GPS tracking service?
The app is only available for the 3 platforms mentioned above.

What if I receive a phone call in the middle of a track?
If you receive a phone call during a track this will suspend the tracking temporarily. The tracking will continue when the call ends.