Privacy policy

When tracking with LocaToWeb the app will by default publish your location, speed and distance to Visitors to this web site can see your location on a map.

The tracks are anonymous and only identified by an alias which is chosen by the user when initiating a track.

The app will only track location data when initiated by the user. This happens when the 'Start' button is clicked and it says 'Tracking' in the display. The tracking stops when 'Stop' button is clicked.

By toggling the option 'Private track on/off' before starting a track it is possible to control if the the track should be published publicly or not. If set to private, the track will only be visible to the user (owner of the track) when logged in to

Registered users can at any time log in to and toggle public visibility as well as totally delete tracks.

Your tracking data will be stored at's data servers. However, you can at any time choose to delete it.

The app will continue to run behind the lock screen when an active track is running.

When registering we require the email address as authentication. This will only be used for confirming the account, sending emails holding track url's and password reset functionality. Occationally we will send informative emails.

The email address is never displayed anywhere and we will never pass it on to third parties.