Help - IOS

Below you find problems and issues only applicable for IOS.

Location Services
Users of LocaToWeb will after install or after an IOS upgrade be asked for permission to use Location Services when starting a track. It should be set to "Always allow".
If set to "when app in use" the app will not have access to the GPS when the screen is off, and the tracking won't work.

Verify this setting in: Settings > Privacy > Location Services 

Enable Background App Refresh
LocaToWeb needs to be allowed to run in the background. If not, the tracking will stop when the screen goes to sleep. If you have disabled "Background App Refresh" on your phone it has to be turned on again (at least for LocaToWeb).

Step 1: Launch Settings app → General.
Step 2: Tap on Background App Refresh.
Step 3: Now toggle On the switch next to Background App Refresh, or only for LocaToWeb in the list below.