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Dark city projects
for the last 8 years we been working with medical cannabis is Spain the local planing office has told us to remove our new building by the 1st April,, when C19 hit.. on the 29th of May we were told we had until 11th August to remove the building we land in Spain on the 1st of July sailing from Portsmouth on the 30th of June.... more info here
Spanish run

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  Market day Sun 12 Jul 2020 by DCBOB
Duration 00:00:39, Distance 637 m
  Finestrat only mad dogs ... Fri 10 Jul 2020 by DCBOB
Duration 00:57:33, Distance 18.20 km
  Benidorm surply run Wed 08 Jul 2020 by DCBOB
Duration 02:23:29, Distance 32.94 km
212792-10072020-122544.jpg 212792-10072020-103609.jpg 212792-10072020-101134.jpg
  The Rescue Mission Thu 02 Jul 2020 by DCBOB
Duration 20:01:39, Distance 1,357.41 km
  Parts run app test Sun 28 Jun 2020 by DCBOB
Duration 00:51:57, Distance 15.46 km

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