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LocaToWeb is a GPS tracker app for Iphone, Android and Windows Phone that shares your position to web in real time. Friends and family can follow you live on map.

LocaToWeb is a live GPS tracker for your mobile phone that uses your phone's built in GPS to get accurate location data such as coordinates, altitude and speed. The app only tracks your position when a new track has been set up and started, and lasts until you stop it.

LocaToWeb has an app for the 3 major platforms: IPhone (ios), Android and Windows Phone 8. It is frequently used to track bicycle rides, road trips, hiking trips and other outdoor adventures where you want to show your friends and family where you are.

There is also a safety aspect of using this GPS tracker app. If you have the track running and something happens, your wife, husband and friends can see the exact location of where you are. Maybe you are riding your bike and fall off breaking a leg, or you just want to be safe when walking home alone at night. This GPS app will monitor your exact location wherever you go.

Many wife's, husbands and parents are more relaxed when their spouse or kids are out cycling, running, hiking, driving or doing outdoor sports, knowing that it's possible to track them live on a map.

Active tracks

None active at the moment...

Short tracks / Tests

 Ffgg Tue 03 Mar 2015 - Race with 1 participants
 CHANDAN Tue 03 Mar 2015 by singh
Duration 00:00:38, Distance 0 m
 Dom Mon 02 Mar 2015 by FouXee
Duration 00:00:44, Distance 0 m
 Local Mon 02 Mar 2015 by Rotkehlchen
Duration 00:00:58, Distance 0 m
 Collsuspina Sun 01 Mar 2015 by agnes
Duration 00:57:04, Distance 10 m

Recent tracks

 Resto Tue 03 Mar 2015 by munich
Duration 00:25:46, Distance 6.03 km
 Wednesday Tue 03 Mar 2015 by kim
Duration 01:57:26, Distance 27.12 mi
 Kveldstur Tue 03 Mar 2015 by ADM
Duration 01:27:54, Distance 29.13 km
 Tuscaloosa Tue 03 Mar 2015 by gimekartoonesanmateo
Duration 08:22:54, Distance 114.8 mi
 Mt Mee Tue 03 Mar 2015 by Grumpy Kiwi
Duration 01:11:30, Distance 28.69 km
 JO: Sauna Tue 03 Mar 2015 by Robby
Duration 00:46:56, Distance 8.46 km
 Home test Tue 03 Mar 2015 by bridge
Duration 00:17:29, Distance 2.43 km
 Work test Tue 03 Mar 2015 by bridge
Duration 00:24:09, Distance 2.66 km
 Cold Tue 03 Mar 2015 by bunny
Duration 01:25:08, Distance 9.17 mi
 Trip to Rebecca's goat farm Tue 03 Mar 2015 by mindfuljoe
Duration 00:24:20, Distance 31.07 mi
 Beach Tue 03 Mar 2015 by 01park
Duration 01:13:38, Distance 6.82 mi
 Test Tue 03 Mar 2015 by truls
Duration 00:09:04, Distance 609 m
 Newlands Tue 03 Mar 2015 by Seesick Eric
Duration 00:52:20, Distance 33.19 mi
 RR: Dienstag Tue 03 Mar 2015 by Robby
Duration 02:12:01, Distance 52.52 km
 Newland corner feltham trip Tue 03 Mar 2015 by skavik
Duration 00:49:06, Distance 36.70 mi
 Malaysia Tue 03 Mar 2015 by Sunsted
Duration 15:31:43, Distance 158.52 km
 Morning trip to newland ... Tue 03 Mar 2015 by skavik
Duration 01:01:57, Distance 24.10 mi


Featured tracks

 Bumbleance MegaPush Fri 19 Sep 2014 by Push Team
Duration 08:05:21, Distance 346.47 km
 Rallarvegen: Finse - Flåm Sat 13 Sep 2014 by JM
Duration 05:30:01, Distance 56.24 km
 MB: Hohberg Bikemarathon Sun 21 Sep 2014 by Robby
Duration 03:17:53, Distance 62.52 km
 Road vs Rails Fri 19 Sep 2014 - Race with 2 participants
#TeamTrain, #TeamPorsche
 Galdhøpiggen (2469m) Thu 18 Jul 2013 - Race with 3 participants
JM, wp, Åse
 Run From London 2 Paris Sun 20 Oct 2013 by Mike & George, Run2Paris
Duration 13:38:29, Distance 310.24 km
 Lyngør-Arendal by boat Sat 19 Apr 2014 by Captain J.M.
Duration 01:34:18, Distance 43.74 km
 Pike's Peak drive (4300m) Wed 07 Aug 2013 by Oil_Monster
Duration 01:47:41, Distance 21.90 km
 Shoshone National Forest Thu 08 Aug 2013 by Oil_Monster
Duration 02:15:31, Distance 101.78 km
 Lillehammer - Oslo 2013 Sat 22 Jun 2013 by Team YT - Torshov Sport
Duration 04:03:39, Distance 190.07 km
 From Vancouver On Thu 14 Nov 2013 by ababitts
Duration 18:22:03, Distance 2,996.99 km
 Tur over Aronnesrocken ... Fri 16 Aug 2013 by LN-ASA
Duration 02:31:20, Distance 104.67 km
 Ben Nevis mountain climb Sat 24 Aug 2013 by rob
Duration 04:51:35, Distance 7.42 km
 Otrarittet 2013 Sat 14 Sep 2013 by gsk
Duration 04:06:17, Distance 74.07 km
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