Track your ridesA real time GPS tracker for your phone

LiveShare position to web in real time

SportsTrack while jogging, walking or hiking

TravelPerfect for live tracking your roadtrip

SafetyFeel safer when out there alone

MapFriends and familily can follow you live!

View the GPS tracks on the map in real time

LocaToWeb is a GPS tracker app for Iphone, Android and Windows Phone that shares your position to web in real time. Friends and family can follow you live!.

  • Monitor duration, distance, speed and altitude
  • Capture and upload photos while tracking
  • Set up race groups that tracks several participants
  • Perfect for biking, running, hiking, road trips etc...
  • Manage your track archive inside your account
LocaToWeb is a live GPS tracker for your mobile phone that uses your phone's built in GPS to get accurate location data such as coordinates, altitude and speed. The app only tracks your position when a new track has been set up and started, and lasts until you stop it.

LocaToWeb has an app for the 3 major platforms: IPhone (ios), Android and Windows Phone 8. It is frequently used to track bicycle rides, road trips, hiking trips and other outdoor adventures where you want to show your friends and family where you are.

There is also a safety aspect of using this GPS tracker app. If you have the track running and something happens, your wife, husband and friends can see the exact location of where you are. Maybe you are riding your bike and fall off breaking a leg, or you just want to be safe when walking home alone at night. This GPS app will monitor your exact location wherever you go.

Many wife's, husbands and parents are more relaxed when their spouse or kids are out cycling, running, hiking, driving or doing outdoor sports, knowing that it's possible to track them live on a map.

Active tracks

 2015 Trip Out West Wed 01 Jul 2015 by Out West
Duration 18:35:08, Distance 2,220.0 mi
 JC to LA Wed 01 Jul 2015 by dougngracie
Duration 15:46:14, Distance 1,211.9 mi

Short tracks / Tests

 MMA Wed 01 Jul 2015 by home
Duration 00:00:27, Distance 0.01 mi
 Benasque-ji Wed 01 Jul 2015 by latorre
Duration 00:42:22, Distance 37 m
 Tog Drammen oslo Wed 01 Jul 2015 by Biker on Ice
Duration 00:53:13, Distance 0 m
 Herkules Wed 01 Jul 2015 - Race with 1 participants
 Bussen Wed 01 Jul 2015 by taxa eller bus eller gå
Duration 00:01:13, Distance 487 m

Recent tracks

 Nom in the U.S.! Wed 01 Jul 2015 by nom
Duration 16:59:04, Distance 257.89 km
 Memphis to Valpo Wed 01 Jul 2015 by Gisele
Duration 02:08:15, Distance 142.5 mi
 Ted2go Wed 01 Jul 2015 by ted2go
Duration 01:19:07, Distance 22,220.43 km
 070115 Wed 01 Jul 2015 by rtcrtc
Duration 08:16:38, Distance 432.1 mi
 Hiking thunderlaKe Wed 01 Jul 2015 by mattyb
Duration 20:39:17, Distance 28.23 km
 Weds Wed 01 Jul 2015 by home
Duration 00:55:40, Distance 16.91 mi
 Vipiteno-Verona bdc (1/ ... Wed 01 Jul 2015 by Cactus
Duration 13:03:14, Distance 250.50 km
 Haben sie pass ver. 3 Wed 01 Jul 2015 by Kant1
Duration 11:32:57, Distance 389.92 km
 Brown mountain Wed 01 Jul 2015 by claire
Duration 02:30:19, Distance 28.05 km
 MC tur til Tysnes Wed 01 Jul 2015 by Ergo
Duration 04:50:31, Distance 223.74 km
 Norgestreffet Wed 01 Jul 2015 by Teodortuff
Duration 14:04:40, Distance 689.83 km
 Adventure USA Wed 01 Jul 2015 by shogun
Duration 06:49:38, Distance 3,803.4 mi
  mb: Seestüble Wed 01 Jul 2015 by Robby
Duration 03:38:53, Distance 38.09 km
 Påanigjen Wed 01 Jul 2015 by Ole Petter
Duration 03:17:53, Distance 61.92 km
 Retour boulot Wed 01 Jul 2015 by tanguy
Duration 00:08:25, Distance 3.96 km
 July 1 Wed 01 Jul 2015 - Race with 1 participants
 Alpene 2015 Wed 01 Jul 2015 by Epylypzon
Duration 22:01:25, Distance 1,337.41 km


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